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Re: Svoti

[quote="dhomochevsky", but you seem to open the engine once a month[/quote]

IRELLEVENT AND INCORRENT = Go and make something work with what does work in the CRYENGINE

Re: Svoti

Can you open one thread for all the bugs you have found and update it instead of opening new threads and spamming the forums ? :) Indeed mate. is this a contribution dhomochevsky?' .. If it is, Post some images and more in depth detail regarding the issue your having 'Colour bleeding from sun not w...

Re: Volumetric Fog gets disabled when the Camera is near to an River or Road

What fixed it for me was setting the Emissive Intensity (kcd/m2) inside the material to 0 This may only be temporary fix If the whole mtrl file currupted some how then as soon as (after made change Emissive intensity) Restarted level and not fixed back starting point glitch. Any change make to mtrl...

Re: Volumetric Fog gets disabled when the Camera is near to an River or Road

Has the clouds >scaled up beyond 'stable value' and is any intersections regards to Roads overlapping? intersecting any paths or areas ? I encountered this glitch a while back It could be ToD vaules gone mad, Try resetting ToD or even only defaulting the volumetric fog values only, If that fails try...

Re: GPU = 100% [FIXED]

I have had performance problems for Decent while now probably around time C[V} release, just so happens, upgraded new motherboard, and Performance is really great. Also ease of use with new Engine is efficent as f*** - Latest version 5.3.2 extreamly efficent and configurable work with 10/10 CRYENGIN...

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