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Re: CRYENGINE Art Thread

Nice images !

Updated my post on first page w/ new HQ night city lights on non illuminated side of the Earth.
Interactions from level global volfog + one single dynamic light which itself has volfog enabled behind a mostly silhouette dark sphere o.o

Re: Future of Cryengine

I'd say It's Fake, New chapter = New shill activity

There goal is too suppress or put bad light on human expression in any form. Visual, 'Game' story telling is powerful and has potential speed up the spread of truth throughout society.


Re: CRYENGINE Art Thread

Nice one ruckarucka. Here the Earth beutifully rendered in Cryengine. + New images w/ Hq night city lights [/url] [/url] "We are the Earth modeling itself" - calmdev

Re: CE 5 full project

Can anyone help me? :[/quote]

Ok You asking for Levels[missions] Too Utilize, The Engine. ? - Wait until a time such as developer's have released content created with CE5 Then, Others then able download Play the Engine, With said content IF they want.


Re: Project from CE 3 to CE 5

how to open a project made with cryengine 3 in the new Cryengine V ?
Export all objects (including vegetation) = group .grp format.

Make new empty level in New version.

Import objects into new level You will then need make New Time of Day (Enviroment settings) Setup.


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