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Velocity - Stylized Arcade Space Racer - **DOWNLOAD for TESTING** [/url] Hello my name is calmdev developing projects with Cryengine for over 10 years, With Assimilated Reality's, present Velocity, A planned, Arcade racing game with a difference, not only can the player race around unique enviroments, Velocit...

A strange story (through expression)- UPDATED + Video - !!!VISUAL MSG FROM OUTSIDE OF THE MATRIX!!!! [/url] So I was updating the 'Our story' section on my Like page and at the top was image of a spaceshipobject thing' which I created a few months ago, I feel compelled to tell this story and how this rather intresting design show'd to me and what the outcome o...


I just made a new account and still won#'t let me login, Also removed the Launcher and it remove the ENTIRE ENGINE ?! Is that sopposed to happen??? If i hadn't moved all folders out desktop would lost alot work, Unninstall Launcher it unninstalls Entire CRYENGINE folder i'm baffled by that btw. And ...


No matter what i DO the Launcher will not let me LOG IN, Uninstalled it reinstalled it Put in my details numerous times LOGIN FAILED

How my sopposed update the engine if Launcher won't let me login? The forum let's me login fine and it's same details ?!

Somone help me Login!


Re: VR. ?

20 mins gameplay per?day? i'm talking about how VR will if it sparks into accelerated implementation thoughout society In time, render us blind to the real world. And i'm no philosipher but, This technology could be, evolutionary stupidity (talking about in perhaps 50 years or less). VR may become m...

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