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Leaf Opacity

I finally figured out how to use multiple materials for a tree. Now I cant get the opacity for the leaf to work. Anyone know how to?

Re: Speed Tree

Yes I figured out how to set one up yesterday. Just couldn’t figure out how to assign it to the tree. I tried looking online for something but couldn’t find anything

Speed Tree

So I made a tree in speed tree and exported it into cryengine. I imported the tree from the fbx mesh importer and made a MTL for the tree. After I made the MTL and assigned it to the tree it looked how it did in speed tree for a quick second and then it went to shit. Anyone have any clue what happen...

Material isn’t fitting object

I have a 3D model from megascans that I downloaded. It’s a plant. I imported the model into cryengine then I made a material for it that comes with the 3D model. But when I apply the material to the plant the texture isn’t fitting the plant. I’ve tried tiling it and it just makes it worse. Any help ...

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