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Re: sandbox.pdb

The "the engine" doesnt request it, the debugger might when there is an error inside and it breaks there. You don't need it and wont get it until the sandbox source is released. See here of what a .pdb file is and why you dont need it during normal execution:

Re: Own launcher

Be aware though that with the standard launcher you have the option to statically link the engine and your game against it, creating one executable (broken right now anywas for cmake <.<).
So if you want to keep that option you need to reproduce the necessary exports and build configuration settings.

Re: Team working on same level from different computers.

Not at the same time no. (If you mean something like "co-op" level editing) Otherwise you can use the vcs of your choice and make sure that the work is done On different layers since those can be saved independantly (Placing objects etc). Working on terrain/vegetation might cause problems since that...

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