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Re: Material texture cuboid mapping

I presume cuboid is just a box projection uv layout mode. Post images to better explain your issues. There are some tutorials for cineam 4d to CRYENGINE like this one UV mapping is uv mapping at the end of the day, transfering 3d coordinates to 2d, what is...

Re: Substance Painter Export

Easiest methos is just export the textures without any engine presets.. documents channels +normal +AO no alpha. The cryrngine setting typically exports a very pale normal map which needs copy pasting ovr it's seflf until it removes transparency.. you will need to adjust the brightness by eye as it ...

Re: Vertex Painting

Yes we know how other engines use this, purly explaining how this engine does it, we are waiting for improvements on this front as we have been for some years ;)

Re: Vertex Painting

Post images when you have such issues to help get better advice. If you look in the \Tools\CryMaxTools\Utilities\BlendLayerPreviewShader folder you will find a blend shader for previewing in 3dmax, not tried it for a while so not sure what versions of max it supports. Read here http://docs.cryengine...

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