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Re: possible heavily-modified versions of CryEngine V, the license allows distribution of games made of those?

Sanbox code is not ready for releasy yet as it's still being reworked. The sandbox has been completeley rebuilt and is still a work in progress..

take a look at the roadmap for more info ;)

Re: Is CE5 dying?

It's often quiet on these forums, been that way for years. In the holliday periods we get an influx of activity from bored school and college pupils wanting to create games who soon leave when they learn how much work and devotion is required. We tend to get an influx of posting when something new h...

Re: Migrate to template

Think he made something using gameSDK sample project and wants to migrate his stuff to a template system buddy. ;) The templates have game SDK stripped out, it's bare bones so anything relying on the gameSDK will not work. The more the engine gets updated then the harder it will be to migrate over a...

Re: Make finally normal Bloom !!!

Yep we know CRYENGINE has problems and needs big improvements to make it easier and more accessible. IMO there is no better rendering game engine available with or without it's reflection and bloom faults as you say, just look at current games. Yes game devs are put of the engine with all the comple...

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