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Re: Ammo counter

That would require using flowgraphs though. I'm pretty sure it's a lot nicer to have instanced/coded things instead.

Re: Ammo counter

Realistically, with Scaleform, anything like that is possible. A Flash texture on an object can do everything that a HUD can do.

Re: particles

You could link the particles via flowgraph to the first object they intersect. Similar with linking particles. I think they were referring to each individual particle, not the whole emitter. I've always wished Sandbox would let you detect individual particle collisions. I'm sure it can be done, but...

Re: Is it possible to make a mirror ?

CryEngine is merely using Screen Space reflections (SSR), meaning that it literally rakes what's on the screen and flips it. If you experiment, you can see that it's not actually doing any sort of true reflection at all. I've tried it, a reflective surface in CryEngine will not create a different pe...

Re: Lighting Error with own Object

I've never had this problem, but tonnes and tonnes of people have, and I don't recall many solutions being found at all. I don't think that the material does actually make a difference; perhaps it seemed to not have that effect on the Crytek materials because they had bumpmaps, masking the effect?

Re: Particle Editor - Some questions

Select the base particle and then literally add a new particle and give it a name. The directory path when adding a new particle automatically sets it to be within whatever you have selected, and that includes both folders and particles themselves. In CE2 there was a 'create child' button which was ...

Re: Animated Displacement Map

Try using the Vertex oscillators. They're at the very bottom of the material editor, but they don't work on the terrain. Just model something simple to paste the lava texture on, but make it high poly, and apply some of the vertex oscillation - I'm using the same method to create lava for my game, a...

Re: Animated Displacement Map

Would CryEngine be able to interpret animating of the UV map modifier in Max? You could give that a shot, though I don't think it's supported. You wan't moving terrain then? Why not model it instead? I'm a little confused by this, what do you mean? I know I'm not the original poster, I'm just curious.

Re: Particle numbers limited ?

Hi RayFan9876, if I do what you say "ower the particle count by at least 4-5 times" then water fountains will not look realistic. Says semihkoray, as he completely misses the second half of my post. :rolleyes: If anything you should be able to do with only 2-3 times lower + stretches. Believe me, I...

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