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Re: Soft particles not working

Yeah, the issue's been long fixed now. Additionally, even though I took this before it was fixed, here's a video of the nuke in motion! I never shared it on here I don't think. :P


Re: High quality rain

Indeed, if you're going for some really high-quality effects, it would probably be best to create a material with the particle shader and assign that, rather than just use a raw texture. Kind of repeating what RaZoR said, but just reinforcing that it would be done through the material editor. :)

Re: Screen effects

If you create a new flowgraph in that directory, then it can be referenced by your game code. If you aren't going to be keeping the player_damage effects, or you aren't able to code a reference to a custom one, then technically you could just edit them.

Re: Lava?

Have you tried anything yet?

I'd suggest using a material with a diffuse and normal map obviously, and include a custom glow map, perhaps cranking it up to 4 or 5, and on top of that apply some of the material vertex animation.

If you don't know how to do those things, read the docs.

Re: Glossiness references

Would it not be best to adjust it until it looks realistic through your own eyes? I don't think that using a textbook reference for this kind of thing will be a good idea until the engine is actually easily capable of flawless photorealism.

Spawning a particle effect via flowgraph

I know this sounds extremely trivial, but how is this done? My first instinct was to go to the Effect:SpawnParticleEffect node, however it seems that that's been removed apparently in CryEngine3. Is there any particular reason for this? Since that obviously wasn't doable, I decided to make an Entity...

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