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Sorry, what do you mean by "icon"? And by "commands", are you referring to console commands? If so, simply typing "_" into the console should give you a list of nearly every console command/variable.

Re: Cryengine 5.4 in late April ?

After months and months of nothing... imagine 5.4 will bring just a view small tools and a little bit of stability to the engine... This small community will become in one blow even smaller. Why even speculate when you have the Roadmap ? This big step forward in transparency places the onus on you ...

Re: Morph targets/blendspaces not playing back in animations

Do you have software skinning turn on in attachment properies? Yep. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to Override Weights. If you decrease value on cvar ca_vaBlendCullingThreshold from 1 to lower value do you see changes on mesh? Didn't work unfortunately, but thanks for the idea.

Morph targets/blendshapes not playing back in animations

I've been able to export my morphs to the engine and can play with them using the Override Weights option, but, despite having followed these two pages to a tee (as far as I can tell), the morphs will not play back in my custom animations. I've done the parameter linking, the blendWeightVertex nodes...

Re: Dark shades along polygon edges

Yep, that's definitely a UV issue - I have the same problem in Max when I extrude polygons, as the new faces created through extrusion have one UV coordinate stretched to infinity. Once you get to the texturing stage this problem resolves itself as you'll be giving it a proper UV map, but if you wan...

Re: Black house :(

If you're referring to the shadows being black, then yes, you need environment probes, or you can enable Total Illumination in the Environment panel.

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