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Re: 5.4 C++ Play sound

Oh, at the moment I just want to play a sound when a press a button, either from a file or one created with the Audio Controls Editor. I thought I can use an engine function for that, 1. Last few times tried with the ISO template c++ (will the solution be different if I use the FP or TP template?!)...

Re: 5.4 C++ Play sound

Please clarify following things.
1. Which game project do you use? (custom, GameSDK, FP, TP and so on)
2. Which audio middleware do you use? (Fmod, SDL_mixer, Wwise)
3. Do you want to play the sound via code? (C++/C#)
4. Which exact "trigger component" are you referring to?

Re: No sound with SDL MIxer

Hi, The double GameSDK in the path is actually correct in your case. However, the double audio folder isn't. What you want is: ...\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.4\GameSDK\GameSDK\audio\sdlmixer From there on you can create any sub-folder-structure that you like. So this will work even though i...

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