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Re: CryEngine 3 vs Cryengine 5... where did the vehicles and AI sounds go ?

We re-implemented those sounds only for the GameSDK Wwise project. As the engine boots with SDL_mixer by default you'll have to tell it to load Wwise instead. The simplest is to add this cvar to system.cfg or user.cfg.

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s_AudioImplName = CryAudioImplWwise

Re: Loading Localisation Soundbanks

It just makes sure that the ACE displays localized soundbanks properly which are as well equipped with a dedicated icon. See screenshot below. Those banks can then be handled like any other bank. The only difference is that those get swapped out whenever the language cvar changes.
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Re: Loading Localisation Soundbanks

Hi tomavis, That's expected behavior as the engine expects to find localized data under <projectroot>/localization/<language>/audio/<middleware>/assets In your case <middleware> is wwise <language> is the string set via the g_languageAudio cvar We do provide scripts that can be run as a "Post-Genera...

Re: Wwise version

From what I have heard it's safe to use Wwise 2016.2.6 assets against a Wwise 2016.2.0 code base. That Wwise version is still available via the Wwise Launcher.
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