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Re: Some iritating things.

1. Then click the panel above the top foldername to reverse the order.

2. Did you save the material in the Material Editor?

3. You can increase the polygons on your mesh before you export. Don't over optimize it. You can also increase the texture map resolution or you can add a merged detailmap.

Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

Why on earth are you comparing medium spec on 5.5 to very high spec on 5.6 and then wonder why fps is different? Well, here are both versions HighSpec, but the difference in FPS is huge, there is a problem! No need to assume that...

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

1. When mass converting FBX files in the Asset Browser, have a checkbox in preferences to enable generating a proxy for each mesh created like the FBX Mesh Importer does. Working with the FBX Mesh Importer is slow and takes too much time. The Asset Browser's drag drop functionality is so much faster...

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