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Re: CryEngine or UE4?

Also pointing out that you cannot license CRYENGINE 3 anymore for obvious reasons.

CRYENGINE 5 is more than good enough for game development. My advice would be to try both CRYENGINE and UE4, then make up your mind after extensive testing.

Re: Scaleform needs to be replaced now that it's potentially illegal to use the only version of Flash it works with.

It probably wont be in 5.6 as they just updated the roadmap recently. I do not have a date nor a month to give you other than it's in research and development at Crytek. I too have looked into FairyGUI, i kinda like it and would love for someone to integrate it. Also contacted the author a while ago...

Re: Crysis Warhead

Warhead Sandbox Editor was never made public, so i assume either a Shader or particle.

Shields like this is easily done with a material setup and the PFX Editor in CE 5.5.2.

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