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Re: Cryengine 5 programming tutorials - Animation, Player Camera

If nobody else is going to say thank you, I will.. this is a excellent tutorial series for anybody getting started with animation or camera's in Cryengine... thank you for this series my man! Thanks so much eridau. I really appreciate it. tuffant21, sure, you can post whatever you think might be us...

Re: Adobe Discontinues Scaleform

This is a great post, since I don't see anything significant on the Development part of the road map either for this.
Hopefully they are considering this, because it might be the time to ditch scaleform. And I side more with sooner rather than later.

Cryengine 5 programming tutorials - Animation, Player Camera, Weapons

I wanted to share with you some of the animation and programming tutorials I am posting to my Youtube channel (recorded during Twitch streams) Hoping it helps some folks out - Importing a character created using Adobe Fuse and animations in Mixamo into Cryengine - DOHej4W62HI Creating a blend space ...

Re: Sellers, how's it going?

I have to second the fact that we need some great looking trees on the marketplace. I for one would be interested in some nice pines. There seem to be a lot of assets on the marketplace that are very overpriced though. So I guess as long as the price is fair, customers will appear. And seeing the sc...

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