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Re: Learning C++ (A Guide)

You mentioned very helpful sources to learn C++ itself, but after learning standard C++ it's good idea to look into Cryengine specific C++ guides. So I know this book is old and treats about older Cryengine versions, but it still can be very helpful for the new starters

CVar with no value

So I know how to register CVars, but I would like to know if there is possibility to create cvar that it not int or string or whatever, but it would fire some event. So for example I don't do cvar_name 1, but I simply call its name cvar_name and it does not return any value, but instead it would run...

Serialize std::vector

Hi. I am wondering if there is a way, and if there is, then how to achieve that? It does not matter if it's rmi or aspect. I do it with aspects. I have declared vector: std::vector<string> vector1; and I am trying to send it from server to client in NetSerialize (like usual variable) ser.Value("...

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