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Re: How can I start the server

You have just as much control and debuggability as with stock ce. Why? Because you can run it locally. You don't have to upload it to their server. In fact, I upload after I do multiple tests locally. So basically nothing absolutely stops you from attaching debugger to the cryengine server worker ru...

Re: How can I start the server

Nope. With that you don't use any networking frm crytek. You still do run server, but headless mode just so server instance simulates stuff. They charge for full release if you want to run massive server, and that's obvious. Those things cost. But they give you unlimited access to small server that ...

Re: How can I start the server

Yeah. Cryengine networking system is very very bad. That's why I stopped using it. I implemented SpatialOS platform networking into the engine which is mind blowing. Also they allow unlimited access to small server (8 core) so you can upload your server and run it online.

Re: Build CryEngine on Linux

So.. I can compile cryengine dedicated server on linux, however the latest builds are broken and CryAction module takes forever to load. Crytek always keeps saying that linux is not their priority, so forget about any updates, fixes or guides. At least for the next year I think. It doesn't seem to b...

Re: Converting problem

Not sure if this is what you want, but:

String or char to int:
int intValue = atoi (stringValue);

Int to string
string strValue = ToString (intValue);
or you can use itoa.

The same for floats:
float floatValue = (float)atof (stringValue);

Re: 5.4 or 5.5 Ground Alignment

These community plugins are very unstable, a lot of stuff doesn't work, for current CE version it even can't load the skeleton. We prefer FBX. Do you possibly know what data might be missing through fbx specifically? Because CE documentation doesn't say about any helpers or any specific things to do...

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