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Re: Learning C++ (A Guide)

You mentioned very helpful sources to learn C++ itself, but after learning standard C++ it's good idea to look into Cryengine specific C++ guides. So I know this book is old and treats about older Cryengine versions, but it still can be very helpful for the new starters

CVar with no value

So I know how to register CVars, but I would like to know if there is possibility to create cvar that it not int or string or whatever, but it would fire some event. So for example I don't do cvar_name 1, but I simply call its name cvar_name and it does not return any value, but instead it would run...

Serialize std::vector

Hi. I am wondering if there is a way, and if there is, then how to achieve that? It does not matter if it's rmi or aspect. I do it with aspects. I have declared vector: std::vector<string> vector1; and I am trying to send it from server to client in NetSerialize (like usual variable) ser.Value("...

Re: CE hidden input buffering

If you're talking about original fps template, they use bit flags for wasd inputs. And opposite directions nullify themselves in UpdateMovementRequest. Cause for example.. move left applies velocity.x -= 1.f and move right does velocity.x += 1.f. the end velocity is 0 then. Same goes to forward end ...

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