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Re: Converting problem

Not sure if this is what you want, but:

String or char to int:
int intValue = atoi (stringValue);

Int to string
string strValue = ToString (intValue);
or you can use itoa.

The same for floats:
float floatValue = (float)atof (stringValue);

Re: 5.4 or 5.5 Ground Alignment

These community plugins are very unstable, a lot of stuff doesn't work, for current CE version it even can't load the skeleton. We prefer FBX. Do you possibly know what data might be missing through fbx specifically? Because CE documentation doesn't say about any helpers or any specific things to do...

5.4 or 5.5 Ground Alignment

Hi. Not sure whether this is the right forum for it. However. I have trouble implementing ground alignment. I followed . I also looked into all GameSDK from 5.3 till 5.5 to check how this is done. Please do not send me to the co...

Re: I want to create a player character from Blank of Schematyc

Then at current development level of schematyc IT IS POSSIBLE. I created player entirely in schematyc, just to check how it works, and succeeded. Obviously I prefer C++ over everything, but for prototyping it is awesome. Also for singleplayer games it's really cool. So, I can give you hints.. Start ...

Re: Access violation after building C++ FPS template with no changes

Good that it works in profile and debug mode. I'm not sure why release mode fails. Maybe this is a known issue, don't know. Because I have never built 5.4 in release mode. However I use 5.5 a lot now, and it builds in release mode just perfect, so maybe check that out, 5.5 is quite stable even at th...

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