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Sandbox plugins building

Hi. I have some idea for plugin that I would like to build and then submit to the marketplace. BUT, as far as I know Sandbox plugins can be only built using engine compiled from source, which is fine, I use it anyway. But my question is.. If I want to submit it to the marketplace later on, so people...

Re: GameRules question

I might not have answer to your questions. But I have never used those game rules interfaces. In the end of the day, rules of your game is just an abstract concept, that's why I always created my own class to manage my game.

Re: how to handle ENTITY_EVENT_COMPONENT_PROPERTY_CHANGED event any code example ?

What I usually do in this case is... I create struct, for example struct SMyComponentProperties This structure gathers all properties of my component and is entirely exposed to the editor. Then in my component I create two variables of this structure type. SMyComponentProperties m_properties; and SM...

Re: How to manage inventory system if there are too many classes?

I would go with creating Item class that would have slot for model, all the functions like pickup etc, what all items have. Then I would go and create a few classes not particularly by their item names, but classes in general. For example.. CWeapon would derive from IItem interface. So I would go wi...

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