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Re: IsReading() in ISerialize

Well, u use it for example in NetSerialize function. TSerialize ser is passed as a parameter there and if you send aspect from client to server, then you can do check on client like if (ser.IsWriting ())
And same with IsReading on server. And vice versa, when sending opposite.

Re: Sending info to server with which we are not connected yet

Nope. I don't want to create login system on the client side. I want to send packets with info about typed login and password to the server, then server checks database and returns whether client can connect to it at all or not. And YES, I want to create listen host to past info to, but HOW do I lis...

Re: Sending info to server with which we are not connected yet

Well, the original purpose was to create a simple login system without involving 3rd party server, just by using single cryengine server instance. I know I could connect to the server and create login system in there, but I wanted to do it all on the client sending single requests to remote server, ...

Re: has any one had luck figuring out this new Schematyc tool

I also don't have problems with schematyc. Building a lot of components in c++, making use of signals and functions,and everything is fine. The only crashes Ive experienced where coming from some of the components features, that I did not secure from crashing. I think, and I recommend to practice co...

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