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Re: FMOD Volume Sound

This would usually be handled by the Player Profile Attributes, when the user chooses a volume the profile attributes would get updated to the new value and read during a level load/game restart. You can get hold of player profile attributes using the Flow Graph node PlayerProfile:ProfileAttribute o...

Re: node AI:Anim

What you can do is use the Animation:PlayAnimation node to play an animation. If you also require signals to be sent to DRS there are nodes for this also. I believe the older signal/action system is still functional, and this is what was "split up" from the AIAnim node. Instead of sending only the a...

Re: node AI:Anim

Hey Hamedudk,

What are you trying to achieve?
The AIAnim nodes etc were refactored for more control over what signals were sent when.
If you can provide the end result you are trying to achieve, we can try to offer a solution based on the refactored structure of these systems.

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