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Check out how we use Substance with CRYENGINE to create an iconic asset for Hunt: Showdown

Today we’re giving you an overview on how we are working with Substance to create assets for Hunt: Showdown . Substance has become a crucial part of our workflow, so if you’d like to find out more about how we do what we do in the studio, read on. I’m Matthias Wagner and I’m a 3D Artist at Crytek i...

[SALE] Marketplace Spotlight - Don’t miss out! A round-up of our top picks for the holiday sale

Here are our top picks for this holiday sale that will bring extra life into your projects this winter, all available at discounted prices on the CRYENGINE Marketplace for a limited time! Looking for a darker tone to set the mood for a creepy project? Alfa Beta has a great assortment of over 70 tra...

Re: Footstep sound

hud_bobHud is for the HUD elements only.
I think you are looking for cl_bobHeight.

This works for GameSDK in 5.4. Can you confirm this works for you?

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