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Re: Asset game Check

Think of a large game where objects are created, resources used in very limited use-cases everywhere. Not even inside the level yet, rather spawned procedurally. Your method it basically how the current shader cache building workflow is. Basically you go through the game (or automate a fly-through e...

CRYENGINE Forge: Developer Roundtable – C#, Sandbox Source, Schematyc, and more!

CRYENGINE is always evolving and our last update built on the CRYENGINE 5.5 Preview with a raft of new features and fixes. Today we’re exploring what came in, and what’s coming next, by sitting down with some of the team working to push the power of CRYENGINE forward every day. This wide-ranging di...

Re: Cannot open Pak file

You can also try to open the .pak file with 7zip, then extract all the files inside into your asset folder. It may be necessary to delete the .cryasset files if you extract those too and regenerate the meta-data for them. It is strange why it cannot open the .pak file though, perhaps something is co...

Re: After loading;

Be aware in the default templates the command "map example" is used, this is to allow easier onboarding with the template projects.
You could either rename/delete the map, or remove this line from the template code.

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