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Re: Asset directory not found ?

Plugin projects have no assets as they are designed to be loaded by other projects. First create another project (Blank C# for example or C++. C++ can load c# plugins and vice-versa). Then, when you are ready to test your plugin, copy the output binary from the Plugin/bin/win_x64 folder to you main ...

Re: A material editor crashes.

hi there, unfortunately the log file provided doesn't provide any insight into what is causing the issues. Can you list the steps in order to reproduce this problem? How long you wait between steps etc? It will help our QA team investigate and verify the issue. For now you can try to reset Sandbox b...

Re: Proximity Triggers Debugging

In previous versions there was an issue that could occur when some older data was lying around in the appdata folders. You could try deleting the folder at: %APPDATA%\Crytek\CRYENGINE This will reset any configuration, layout and preferences from the Sandbox editor, but may fix missing entity helper...

Re: Level corrupted...again!

Without knowing the cause of the issue we cannot provide advice for prevent it. The assert mentioned that the size of the file is huge, and is usually the case when you have complex or an abundance of Designer objects in that layer. If a layer file is corrupted, it is usually a sign of malformed XML...

Re: CRYENGINE Launcher Update 1.10.0

You cannot remove purchased or obtained marketplace assets. You can uninstall them if you wish, but you will always own the use of these assets. Imagine removing a paid-for asset and you want to get it back, currently it would be buying it again. We are always looking to improve usability though, if...

Re: Too many objects in scene - Shander Manager error (MAX_REND_SHADER_RESOURCES)

The maximum render shader resources is hard-coded to 16384. This is a performance limitation and is an indication that you are using too many material/shader variations in your scene.
Perhaps you can tell us more about any run-time logic you have that may be affecting shader parameters?

Re: Texture Bug (?)

Hey there,

That's a good amount of information, I notice your shader is set to Illum in the material properties. Materials that you paint on the terrain should be set to the Terrain shader. If you have not highpassed the texture, set the "Use original albedo" in the shader parameters section.

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