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Re: Sound disappearance in Wwise

Hi there, Please make sure you are using the Wwise Software Suite and that your sound banks are exported correctly. We would reccomend first trying out the Audio Showcase Tutorial on our documentation here: This tutorial includes ...


Hi araz01,

Not sure about the topic title but if you want to disable the player spawning on game mode then you will either want to;
1. Use a different template, such as the Blank Template
2. Modify the source-code to prevent the player entity from spawning on the game ready event

Re: Cant Export to engine

Hi Ip_make, When creating a level you should test both the Sandbox and the Game Launcher. In the end, the most important part to test is the Game Launcher. Since editing a level can include lots of prototypes and others can be testing your levels in the Game Launcher, it makes sense to separate the ...

Re: Create project for 5.6.5 wont launch next window to select what type of project you want to start

Hi stand&fight_Softworks and kroozzz,

It seems the issue is similar and may be related.
Can you provide some details such as Operating System and Computer Specifications.
Is your Operating System kept up-to-date?

Re: Export to Engine

Hi there, Can you provide engine version? Also, please explain exactly what is missing - from the look of your images it looks to be the Environment Preset is not being loaded. Please make sure you set the correct Environment preset for you map before saving and exporting. You can do this in the Too...

Re: Cryengine 5.6 Error List

Hi Kurtul, Some of the warnings will be from some legacy systems that you should not worry about. Generally though, if you do not see any issues you should be fine. For the warnings you have shown to us; "CGF Loading Failed" - I would check if this object exists, and try to find the asset or system ...

Re: Leaf Opacity

I would check that the UVs from your exported model are correct. If you are having a mismatch from what appears in SpeedTree to what is shown in the engine with the texture applied it could mean that the UVs were not exported correctly or that the export settings are incorrect. You should not need a...

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