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Re: 64 bit coordinates?

CRYENGINE is a entire platform, by this I mean it uses many optimizations with for example, the terrain heightmap and how the camera works in the world. It would take quite a bit of work to add this to the engine as you would need to change how entities are rendered and/or translated etc. It is poss...

Re: Something I have a question about and not sure if I saw it in the terms

As we are missing context here regarding what game and how you are using the editor exactly you will need to send an email with specific details on what you are doing exactly so we can evaluate this properly.
You can send an email to contact [at] cryengine [dot] com.

Re: Crysis Wars sdk issue

/Moved to Off-Topic as we cannot provide support for older versions of CRYENGINE and the ModSDK. I would check the registry and AppData folders. Remove any mention of CRYENGINE/Sandbox from there. DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility in regards to damage or loss for the steps mentioned above. The in...

Re: Rain Occluder Error

Hi there, Generally it is not recommended to use complex geometry to use as rain occluders. We recommend creating rain occlusion geometry that is not drawn the screen to help with rain occlusion. For example, you can quickly create a Designer Object and set the object as a rain occluder. The rain en...

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