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Re: project migration from 5.3 to 5.4 generate solution error message

As Cry-Miron has stated,

This error means that the 'Code' attribute of the cryproject file is empty. This can be the case with the GameSDK Project as the code is provided with the engine source code, rather than the project, no no 'Code' folder is defined in the cryproject file.

Re: MS Paint Texture Export for CRYENGINE -- Can't make 'Terrain Paint' Textures

You need to create a new Material that uses the Terrain.Layer shader.
Without Highpassing the texture, you will need to check the parameter "Use original Diffuse" under shader parameters in the material settings.

Then use this material, and a white (or even grey) texture when painting.

Re: Which one is better to use for canvas etc (performance issue)? Geom Caches or Cloth Merged Mesh Deform

It depends how dynamic you want it to be, If it is a simple static object, simply model it statically. If you want a semi-physical animation that should react to the wind and breezes, then the merged mesh deform feature is the way to go. If you want some static animation (non physical), a geom cache...

Re: Terrain Size Problem

The CVars you can use to tweak the view distance and details settings would be; e_TerrainDetailMaterialsViewDistZ e_TerrainDetailMaterialsViewDistXY e_TerrainTextureLodRatio e_TerrainLodDistanceRatio e_TerrainOcclusionCullingMaxDist e_ViewDistRatioDetail r_TextureLodDistanceRatio Are you using the B...

[Free] Asset pack from The Climb

Achieved with CRYENGINE, The Climb lets you scale new heights in VR and was the breakout hit on the Oculus store. We’re delighted to provide source content from the shipped game for free on CRYENGINE Marketplace so you can kit-bash out your own levels. [/color]

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