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Re: HELP! Game.dll can't be found when running Packaged Builds on other machines!

The messages from the Remote Shader Compiler are normal, this is typical output on the first run. After these messages appear, you need to go into game and move around. Shaders that are requested to be rendered will be forwarded to the RSC, that will then compile them. You should see the RSC spit ou...

Re: HELP! Game.dll can't be found when running Packaged Builds on other machines!

Make sure your profile package doesnt require any debug binaries. (ie. build your game.dll in profile, not debug). Likely the other machines dont have the debug runtimes installed (usually comes with Visual Studio) and so the DLL that requires these debug binaries will fail to load on those machines...

Re: 5.6 100% gpu usage

By default the engine will use all available graphics power to run as high FPS as possible. You can change that by setting the sys_maxFPS to a specific value. Noise; In some cases we are unable to reproduce the issue on our side and will need further investigation or information to reproduce the iss...

Room 54 Launches Soon

Room 54 is a beautiful and tense CRYENGINE-powered indie game. We spoke to Luca Falco from IK-Interactive about his project. Room 54 will be launching on Steam soon, and to mark its release, we caught up with Luca Falco to find out more about the game, its chilling story, and its action/adventure s...

Re: C# - VS Extension - VS 2019 - Can't install due to prerequisites that can't be resolved

Thank you for the feedback and extra information.
Currently the extension is only officially supported for VS 2017.
The extension "fix" is the only extension required to install, which should also install the necessary xamarin components automatically.

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