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Re: Ocean visibility distance

Hi there,

I cannot seem to reproduce this issue in CRYENGINE Preview 4.
Setting e_MaxViewDistance=17000
This is what I see:
pyramid_far.png (286.26 KiB) Viewed 92 times
I do not notice any floating effect, perhaps you can share which project you are using, and some screenshots of your issue?


Re: problem ?

Not sure what you mean, which video are you referring to?
Having unit sizes less than 1 for the terrain will allow you to draw finer texture layers and have a higher resolution heightmap, which will allow for higher fidelity terrain details.

Re: help me please!

Currently this is not possible but we are investigating this. We have no eta and cannot promise anything on this front though but we are aware it is a wanted feature.
As you say, the only option would be to swap out detail textures/skins for the character.

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