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Re: Very high temperatures

I would also advise seeing what you can do about those temps when your CPU is being taxed.
It would indicate a thermal issue, either;

Bad Heatsink Contact
Bad Paste used
Bad application of paste
Defective cooler
Bad under-IHS thermal compound
Clocks too high for the thermal cooling system in use

Re: Problem with imported textures.

These walls could be a good candidate for baking the gaps in the wooden planks to a displacement map and using one of CRYENGINE displacement options in the material. Aside from potentially fixing the aliasing issue or at least mitigating it, it could also save a lot of performance if you have a lot ...

Re: cry_waf None of the installed MSVC provides support for target x86 (host: amd64, installed 14.0)

For reference, cry_waf is currently not supported. CRYENGINE Moved to CMake since 5.4 I believe. For more information about compiling CRYENGINE, you can check out our programming tutorials available on Youtube here: ...

Re: [CryEngine 5.4] Collisions in C++: How do they work, and what's required?

Hey DurinKompier, In code, make sure you add the event to your components GetEventMask method, then your component will be able to receive these events through the ProcessEvents method. In the editor, make sure you have a RigidBody component attached to the same entity you wish to receive collision ...

Re: Engine not starting?

If you are using the engine provided by the CRYENGINE Launcher, you need not worry about SDKs in the dependencies. These are for compiling the engine yourself from source code. Once you have downloaded and installed CRYENGINE 5.6.5, please create a new project and let us know if this new project lau...

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