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Re: Wanna to see face animation setup instruction

Hey there, You may want to take a look at our blendshape documentation; For cinematic sequences you will get the best results from animating your facial moods and expressions in a DCC app (for example, with Motion Capture), ...

Re: cryengine source code

Which SDKs are you looking to install? Are you using Wwise or fmod? Are you developing for the Occulus rift? Is this an SDK you want installed? You can find downloads to these and other SDKs on the third party proprietary SDKs list on our documentation page here:

Re: How to install??

Hi there,

Please report this issue using the built in launcher function found by pressing the 'Cog' icon in the top right and then 'Report an Issue' option.
Can you also provide a speedtest result?

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