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Re: Development Roundtable #1: News about Schematyc & fresh features coming to CRYENGINE

Is there any plan about to make a demonstration video, like Unreal's Inflitrator, or Unity's Adam? I know, there is a video, which is still in development, but it's for VR (VR Benchmark). Would be nice to see some breathtaking demonstration video, like I sad Unreal's Inflitrator. :) (With this feeli...

Re: Alternatives to Speedtree

If you want to create trees with SpeedTree, you have to use SpeedTree Cinematic. After finishing the tree, you can save it in fbx. But don't forget to change the textures to crytiff.

But, if you search some alternatives:

-Plant Factory

I don't know those programs, I use SpeedTree.

Re: Peleee's Stuff

Some lightning practice. One scene with three different lightning. :) https://cdna.artstation...

Re: Peleee's Stuff

So, here are my new stuff, Viking Temple V2, winter/summer edition. Of course, I used only the Designer Tool. :)

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