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Why I can not build sandbox CryEngine 5.5 p2?

I also downloaded FBX SDK 2016.1 for VS 2015, I did set path correct for FBX SDK. I did Compile CryEngine 5.5 preview 2 , then , I saw a lot errors and warnings , please help me for make sanbox , why I can not build sandbox ? Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error C2220 ...

Re: Can I Compile Sandbox CryEngine 5.5 with Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Update 3 ?

It is the same process. The guide I linked above walks you trough step-by-step compiling the engine. The only difference is you need to copy the FBX SDK into the Code/SDKs folder manually. (If you want steamworks you also need to register on steamworks site and grab the SDK, then manually copy that...

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