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Re: How to create Enemy AI

I give up, what is action?! action map or the AIAction.h from AIObject folder in the engine? I can't find any C++ tutorial on the internet and they are all the legacy system and nothing works cryengine youtube channel is very old, i've seen tutorial on high level implementation of it and it doesn't ...

Behaviour tree not working

Documentation show code for a basic template with code that that is not defined so i mixed part of it with the registration method from gamesdk but it is still not working(code won't compile) #ifndef _BEHAVIOURTREE_H #define _BEHAVIOURTREE_H #include "AI/BehaviorTreeNodes_Action.h" #include "AI/AIGr...

Re: How to create Enemy AI

I'm already using IEntityComponent, I was trying multiple inheritance as i was trying to use these classed as they are initially used inside the engine in AIObject as for Action Hopefully you mean AIActions if so i'll check this section of the engine as for behavior tree I was already trying to crea...

How to create Enemy AI

I'm completely lost

What I done is create enemy character which is nothing
then Whenever i try to get my Enemy component to inherit class it say incomplete type is not allowed because they being forward declaration in the project template like
IAIActor,CAIActor which class do i need to inherit?

Re: Training

Thanks but mostly high level but my interest is in low level coding, which what i am learning the hard way, in 5.4 Also the quality of the C++ tutorial is not good at all and pretty useless the one I saw in a video where he was writing code and explaining the meaning of the code he was writing, they...

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