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Re: FBX Import from Mixamo or Daz3d

It is my experience that FBX from Mixamo is without a root bone for Mixamo's own skeleton, and that will confuse CryEngine. Maybe the same goes for Daz3D.
By using a 3D model program you can add the root bone and then export to CryEngine.
Blender(free 3d program) will add the root bone automatically.

Re: Import Character (model & animation) into CryEngine - use Blender or Maya?

The FBX file directly from Mixamo do not have a root bone and animation will look bad if imported to CryEngine. The FBX file exported using Blender will have a root bone added and fix that problem. If you add root bone in Maya that would fix that problem. There are YouTube guides showing that. There...

Re: CRYENGINE Indie Game of the Year Award - Cast your Vote!

I voted for Deceit. The two others feels dead, cheap and without action. Deceit have characters with different look and feel, clear goals and a lot more action. The foundation is classic shooter but it has added unique features on top of it. You are hunter or prey and you don't know who to trust. Go...

Re: Sign up for CRYENGINE Master Class Live! – SAE Institute hosts public CE workshop

Why would you need metallic maps in a specular/smoothness workflow? It doesn't give you any benefits. You can just simply mask your metallic and dielectric materials in the specular map by using the correct pbr values. Thats why the specular/smoothness workflow exists to begin with. It's at minimum...

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