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Game SDK no mouse control

Hi 1 the editor is indicating direct X 11 is there a way to run the editor gamesdk 5.4 in direct X 12 ? i saw this but don't work ; I have two geforce 1080 Ti no SLI 2 I install on a new windows 10 then the ...

Add terrain to existing level

I open the calibration level call asset_zoo, great lighning but i want to add a terrain, how ?? when I generated terrain nothing happens or the terrain is too far away ?? how to select terrain terrain editor --> Generate terrain ?? doesn't seem to work terrain editor --> select terrain how i can be ...

CE5 flickering assets

Hi, I experiencing Flickering , at any time during the project any asset as describ here and there fliker, the full asset just dissapeart then reappeart second latter, randomly the drivers are up to date, I use 5...

Re: Geometry problem

Had the same issue with different FBX format,

check the 2004 /2016 FBX version,
if it come from Revit, or straigh from max,
for me yes it's more like a bug during the import,
but different FBX format can solve the problem,

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