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Re: child enities axis issue

my bad i got this goofed up with another issue related to basic entities child attach is that the child disappears, the axis goof up is related to making schematyc/components child entities with either schematyc/components or Gamesdk physics ent's. Can you show us an example to demonstrate this? Can...

Re: Lights & FG

EDIT: EDIT: it seems math set color doesnt work right with property set try using vec3 set instead work for me 100% light-1 properties set.xml light color fix.png if you need help and want to transition from 5.3 to 5.5 there are steps you need to take or your terrain and some other things will be me...

Re: Lights & FG

if you want to control component:lights they are schematyc

the lights that work with flow graph property get/set are part of the GameSDK

Ok, thanx, I'll look into it. Nevertheless, in my opinion, if it's not a bug it's just another limitation which doesn't make too much sense.

Re: Is it legal to use cryengine logo for my game loading screen?

as part of the free usage of the engine they do require you to give recognition of cryengine. from how i understand of the terms and conditions crytek is allowing use of gamesdk elements for publishing, but are still held to the royalties and other terms and conditions. so even if you make your own ...

Re: Is it legal to use cryengine logo for my game loading screen?

I believe crytek requires a logo at startup load screen im not 100% but im pretty sure that they wont mind during other loading screens. Hi there, I built a little FPS game and I wish to publish it as a free game.So I would like insert a image like 'Made with CryEngine' to the game loading screen.Is...

Re: For lowv performance

for starters view distance by default is high in the editor, set your graphics options to low or medium, ssao is on by default for every level, bottom of level setttings. I download CryEngine V and find out that in the process of adding primitive objects to the level, the performance of the engine b...

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