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Xml access

Is this the proper way of doing something with xml? // CryLogAlways("Started"); const char* itemPackageFilePath = "Scripts/UI/PlayerHelper/ShowInformation.xml"; XmlNodeRef itemPackageFile = gEnv->pSystem->LoadXmlFromFile(itemPackageFilePath); if (itemPackageFile) { int numEntries = itemPackageFile->...

Re: Wwise version

Yep, they told me what you say. And i tried that version. But after i generate my sound bank, i still can't hear my sound even if my events appear in "ace".

Re: Wwise version

It's good to hear something like this about Fmod. Because i don't know if it will be possible to use rtpc and other things properly... I'm confused a bit. As for launcher, it does not present you all of versions except a few versions that are stable. But for other engines, there are many options. So...

Wwise version

Hi! We've got a problem with Wwise version. Before a little while ago, we contacted Wwise team and they provided us a license. But they did not provide us the Wwise version which we need. We sent an email to before (about) 2 days ago. The (Cryengine)version we use is 5.3. And w...

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