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Re: Learning C++ (A Guide)

You could also add in some game engine architecture books, like this one by a guy from naughty dog: While not necessarily helpful in ...

Timer questions

Could someone, PLEASE, explain what "GetAsyncCurTime()" is used for? Currently mixing up logging between my time edits and regular and I realized that I misunderstood how "m_lBaseTime" was working........ Also, why is "m_lBaseTime" adjusted?? Removing this adjustment for me has not impacted times/ti...

How to profile the engine?

I've improved the time-system in CE. However, quite obviously this has some flaws that I've yet to trace down. Not easy to do the work of a team solo and with 2 jobs. The current issue: The process of starting a game follows this format: Boot, begins timers etc. -> ESYSTEM_EVENT_GAME_POST_INIT, if s...

Re: Lights & FG

I strongly recommend to drop GameSDK and move on to 5.5

5.3 was stuck 'mid-transition' and has plenty of bugs. 5.5 is loads better, even with its own issues.

Re: GameSDK Code CryENGINE 5.5

Don't use GameSDK. Even according ot CryTek, after all these years it's finally going to be deprecated. I recommend that you build a game from scratch or team up with others to form a new framework then split off into your own game stuff. A community effort to create a new 'GameSDK framework' would ...

Re: please


Every project uses the same executable, GameLauncher.exe.

This will then read either your console/VStudio-debug-cli-option ( -project NAME.cryproject)

Or it would load it from your system config. etc. .-.

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