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How soon would CE supprot vs2022 for csharp script?

As I know , CryEngine now only support vs2022 for cpp script.However ,for csharp script ,it can only work with vs 2017 intead of vs2022. Emmm. ce5.7LTS is released in 2022,but it still use vs2017 made 5 years ago. I want to know how soon will CE support vs2022 for csharp. I has asked the same proble...

How to work with vs2022?

The article ( asid 5.7LTS supprot vs2022. I installed 5.7LTS, but its relevant c# sln file can not work with vs2022,it is vs 2017 version!. The Engien Dependencies ( in Editor) showed the Tool : "CryEngine.Debugger.Mono&...

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