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Re: No SpawnPoint Legacy


you can only use the legacy spawn point in the GameSDK example, since this entity is a specific implementation for GameSDKs player. In case you use one of the default templates, which you can select in the launcher, you can use the already provided spawn point component.


Re: Making a door hinge

Hello, I know I come a little bit late to the party ;) But I just wanted to mention that we added plane, point and line constraint components to the engine. You should be able to build the same sort of door with those components without touching much C++. I just gave it a really quick try and will s...

Re: Legacy entities from GameSDK to Third person template.

Hello, no unfortunately the old legacy spawn point won't work anymore for the new projects. That's due to the reason that most of the legacy entities are bound to GameSDK and they only have been developed to work with GameSDK. As you mentioned some of the entities still work, especially ones which a...

Re: Legacy entities from GameSDK to Third person template.

Hello, yes it is possible to import the old legacy entities into the Third Person Template, but I want to mention that those entities are obsolete, which means it might not properly work in the new templates. To move the legacy entities over you have to copy the script folder and the entities.xml fi...

Re: spawnpoint

Hey, if you want to use the Spawnpoint of the GameSDK you have to go to the so called "Legacy Entities" in the Create Object panel. Now you should be able to search for the Spawnpoint and place it into the level. Could you also maybe link me to the documentation page so we can correct it? ...

Re: Generating Solution Problem

Maybe that could help, but before doing that you should check if you have installed all C++ related tools for Visual Studio 2017. In order to find that out search for "Visual Studio Installer" in the windows search bar and after the launcher started click on modify. Now you should be able ...

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