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5.4 package build - my flowcode will not load into gamelauncher

so i got a clean install of 5.4 (gameSDK) then i packaged the build and it built successfully. then i transferred my files into the GameSDK_package and everything looks good however the flowcode does not load with the map.

i tried the woods map and that flowcode works ok. any suggestions on a fix?

project migration from 5.3 to 5.4 generate solution error message

i have attached a screenshot image of the error that i get when trying to generate the solution of my project in 5.4 i have visual studios 2015 and 17 installed. i have been following this guide any ideas why this is happening? New Open...

attempted to generate solution/ compile game has broken my game/ engine.

i have been trying to compile a .exe using tutorials online and the documentation. i didn't get anywhere after a days work on it and now my project crashes on game/editor launch when trying to open my levels, (but the editor works with new levels) i have attached my error files if anyone can help me...

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