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Crysis Warhead

Hello everyone, recently once again played Crysis Warhead, and interested in one thing, how the developers were able to make these lines coming from trooper and watching over who create the force field? Is it implemented through code or some Entity? (Lines are circled in red)
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Re: Realistic

Here, for example, remember the level in Crysis 3, when you tower suggestions the lasers and shoot rockets like disturbed is no longer shooting at you, and another level where attacked by aliens and not lasers, and the light you Shine. That's how they did the light detection, at least for me..sorry ...

Re: Realistic

Well, two of these you mentioned are not exactly same things. Perceiving the object depending on a light, could be done under some different sequences(like, get the all lights around you, and their radius, then, their intensity, and decide if AI can perceive the object you want). As for the bushes ...


Hello, please tell me how to make that AI did not find the main character in the bushes or under the light, I was told that AIAnchor, but you can more setting?

Re: Effect Slow Mo

I'm in cryengine 5 recently, but I heard there is a powerful sound system, but I'm still not familiar with it, it would be nice if you send a couple of links on the lessons, and yes, your answer about slow mo is what me need, thank you very much!! ;)

Effect Slow Mo

<Graph Description="" Group="start"> <Nodes> <Node Id="1" Class="Game:Start" pos="-810,-126,0"> <Inputs InGame="1" InEditor="1" /> </Node> <Node Id="3" Class="Inventory:ItemAdd" pos="288,126,0"> <Inputs entityId="0" item="AssaultScope" ItemType="" Unique="1" /> </Node> <Node Id="6" Class="Actor:Loca...

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