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Cryengine 5.6.2 crash when generate material with textures....

Cryengine 5.6 crash when generate material with textures.... When generate material without textures it does not crash... Help me to solve this problem Now I can't add textures to 3d picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! I deleted these strings in system.cfg file e_TessellationMaxDistance=200 e_Tessellation=1 s_File...

Re: Cloth do not recieve wind from Cryengine 5.5 and in Cryengine 5.6 or I do not know how to switch it on!

Second not working thing is material oscilator, next can't place audio now, next ocean is broken and flickering, hide-show layers in flowgraph not working ... The best of the best version of Cryengine was 5.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think to continue need to return to Cryengine 5.4

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