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Re: I made a comparison video of Unity,Unreal,Lumberyard, and Cryengine.

I can tell this is not a good video, as you have had Cryengine for 6 days. Thats not enough to do anything. This will cause massive Bias over what engine you personally like since you used it more.

I would suggest using them for a year each before making a video, not 6 days. and make the video...

Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 Full Release

I'm really disappointed with this release. People have been putting out bug reports since the release of the first preview 20.3 this year. 6 month ago! (btw. tomorrow 1 year ago 5.4 was released) Even though the development of 5.5 progressed extremly slowly you guys weren't able to fix a really sub...

Re: Weapons

I would suggest going and buying on a site such as CGtrader for the Bow, and the CE Market has some weapons.

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