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Re: 1 year + delay on 5.7

You don't even have to wait for an answer, Crytek didn't care about their community. All that they repeat on the forum and in the discord, When it will be Then it will be, live with it! You are right, but... Unity just released a new version of their engine and Epic Games is about to roll out next ...

Re: Please help me diagnose a fault with my system, Ryzen 3000 owners ??

I have been having issues with performance on Cryengine since 5.6, 5.5 is working fine. i get a lot of CPU hitching and low performance, Running the Woodland demo does give me warring messages in the CVar Dump in 5.6 that i don't get in 5.5 I'm also getting the same CPU hitching in the Neon Noir be...

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