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Re: Proper Displacement Map


Thank you, but this was not quite what I looked for, sorry for not providing more information. I am looking tips and tricks how to create proper displacement map for objects. And the process of how to build a correct displacement map in Photoshop.

Proper Displacement Map

Hello If there is an existing thread, could the link be posted here, I did not find anything on my initial search. The thing I'm asking is that, could I get some feedback on getting a proper displacement map? I have read through the CRYENGINE V documentation and did it as it was told there, but I ha...

Displacement Map

Hey folks I did some reading with the CRYENGINE official tutorials, as well as read some forum posts, but I couldn't get the hang of how to save the correct displacement map from Photoshop. I'm aware that I have to export it with the _displ suffix, and that it must be in alpha channel. The problem i...

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