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Re: Multiple basic questions

4. For now, Schematyc can't fully replace Flowgraph. Maybe in 5.6 with Schematyc Hi. Thanks for the response. However I should maybe clarify my question, because I already know about FlowNode implementation. What I wanted to ask is this: in Lua we could define an entity flow node for each entity. S...

Re: Multiple basic questions

Many thanks to all three of you. This is really helpful in understanding sound and collision. Thank you all so much. I hope that someone can answer my other questions aswell.
However I‘ll try all of your suggestions this weekend (don‘t have time earlier). Thanks.

Multiple basic questions

Hi. I‘m currently pretty confused with the Game Templates and the new Schematyc system. I hope that someone can clear things up a little for me. Here is my list of questions that I have: 1. When looking at the templates it seems as if we now create entire games as plugins. If so, how do we add prope...

Re: BCRY Exporter - Blender to CryEngine Content Pipeline

Have you added any nodes? Like color or something? Try to do that. But the easiest way would be to just modify the value inside Cryengine. Assign a texture (for example the unter Textures/default/ and then choose the color you like. Remember that this is not really a PBR workflow.

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