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Re: Actionmap VR

Found it. This here is inside of CryAction/ActionMapManager.cpp (line 224-227): if (!strcmp(platform->getAttr("keyboard"), "0")) devices &= ~eAID_KeyboardMouse; if (!strcmp(platform->getAttr("xboxpad"), "0")) devices &= ~eAID_XboxPad; if (!strcmp(platform->getAttr("ps4pad"), "0")) devices &= ~eAID_P...

Render 3D Model Always On Top

Hi. I‘m currently having an issue. What I want is to always render an entity „on top“. What I mean is this: it should be shown always (also if there are other 3D models between the camera and the entity. I already looked into the entity component flags but there seems to be none that would give me s...

Re: Actionmap VR

Thanks for the reply. The actionmap key values are also documented in the link that I posted. However I‘m looking for the actionmap‘s attribute name for VR devices.

- Jannis

Actionmap VR

Hi. I‘m currently having issues with the setup of an actionmap for Oculus Rift. The question is simple: What is the actionmap name for the attribute? For example with Keyboard we write something like: keyboard=„a“. But what do we use for Oculus and other VR devices? As you can see in the docs here: ...

Re: Looking for some advice on an Intergalactic Warfare Project

I guess that sadly your best approach is to use a static mesh. However I guess that there is some sort of way to generate a heightmap from code and apply it to the terrain (at least you can do this inside the sandbox editor. So I guess that there is also some way to do this from C++. But it might ne...

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