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Re: importing explosion in cryengine

I dont think you can..
You would have to set the particles up in the particle editor how you want them.
can you be more precise? i tried with crymax but does not tells me something about mesh.i will try again to tell exactlly.i saw some videos on youtube but they dont tell how they do it

Re: License

3ds max...there is posibillity for monthly subscription which means i can have license just as long i want.commercial license of course.i have iclone to and bought neuron perception for body animation.actually i am woking on a game trailer,a project which i want to put on kickstarter.animation and l...


hi.i need to know if i want to sell my models here do i must have license for the software i used to make them?


in CE3 free sdk when i try to adjust effects (for a river e.g.) ''can't save material materials/water/watervolumes/water_cave(read only),, what it means? the same thing after i opened the project with CE 3.8.2. can samoebody help me?

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