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Re: CryEngine 5.6 - Vehicle steering wheel animation does not run when I press 'd' or 'a'?

Best bet is to used flowgraph like araz01 said.
A lot of the sdk vehicle Features stopped working years ago, Steering animation one of them .
Sdk vehicle is decrypted ,its ok for a simple vehicle but nothing more.

vehicle sdk sucks i spent months wasting my time with it.

Re: Creating Animated Characters using Character Creator 3 & iClone 7

regarding re-orient. This is defeating the point of paying for ready made assets. Lumberyard offers an option to change the facing direction which works good. and i only spent a day getting a fully playable Character into the engine. Could cryengine not intergrate som...

C# UIElements SLIDERS and more without external tools ?

Hi there Learning C# over the last few weeks . Following this i've been able to create basic map selection and character selection canvases With buttons. I can not find anymore info than whats on that page Using C# UI. Can we make sli...

Re: Tank

Yes i am in the uk from manchester. You export the tread geometry not the root dummy as the chr. I have just exported the tread geometry and overwriten the the one in the abrams folder . and removed the objects .paks so it does not read from them and tank was all good. from the docs Tanks: export al...

Re: Tank

Mate thats just a guess :)
I can not see any other way.
and theres only the tread chrs in the objects\vehicles\abrams folder or in the xml so got to be .
Yer i think the texture moves to with the uvSpeedMultiplier.
Good luck

Re: Tank

There skinned with the wheel bones of the treads.
so i would say they will be exported with the root tread chrs.

its all so confusing and frustrating .

Re: Tank

The tread chrs are exported separately there a different skeleton. and linked to the tank in the xml <Part name="leftTread" class="Tread" component="leftTread"> <Tread filename="objects/vehicles/abrams/tread_left.chr" materialName="track" uvSpeedMult...

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