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Re: [Free] Simple Boid System

WastedStudio , great work! What license do you plan to use for your system in order to protect the copyright and limit the distribution to the 3rd party (paid version)? Just the legal question, since I also want to publish some work in Marketplace and I just wonder how to protect it and looking for...

Re: [Free] Simple Boid System

cool. any other plugin?
We first want to see how it is going and how the feedback is and then proceed to other plugins. Additionally an enhanced paid version of the boid plugin with a lot more functionality and source code included is planned.

[Free] Simple Boid System

We recently submitted our first plugin for CRYENGINE called "Simple Boid System". A free tool to easily create boids flying around in your level. The plugin is available using this link: (URL may change in the near future)

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