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Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

Sorry for the late reply, i have only just seen this. For your Info i have found the issue, which was ASRock A-Tuning Utility, simply uninstalling the software does not fix the issue, not having installed the software in the first place, or a brand-new installation of Windows will fix it. I have not...

Please help me diagnose a fault with my system, Ryzen 3000 owners.

I have been having issues with performance on Cryengine since 5.6, 5.5 is working fine. i get a lot of CPU hitching and low performance, Running the Woodland demo does give me warring messages in the CVar Dump in 5.6 that i don't get in 5.5, see here

Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

5.5 Woodland Time Demo: Average FPS: 82.74 Max FPS: 187.62 Min FPS: 24.06 ============================================================== TimeDemo Play Started ,Level=woodland (Total Frames: 14903, Recorded Time: 252.97s) Run Finished. Play Time: 180.11s, Average FPS: 82.74 Min FPS: 24.06 at frame 4...

Re: cryengine5.6 low fps issue.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue consistently enough for verification. Please make sure to provide exact Hardware, Driver versions for hardware and Windows build/updates. (A DXDiag will suffice). If you have already done so, it is not necessary to provide again. We will continue to moni...

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