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Re: Video Playback using HUD_3D

Starting with CryEngine 5.5, it seems that usm can already be played using CryGameSDK.dll from The sound must be turned off. Video usm converter here:

Re: CRY's equivalent of a World Partition system for Open World games.

It's strange that this was not done by default in CryEngine 10 years ago. This is a real problem. As an option: - adjust the field of view to a minimum on the map; - divide the map into groups of models; - place triggers on the map, upon passing which the ...

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Most importantly, just fix bugs and speed up your code execution. For example: 1.fabric from the box, when shooting at it, the decals are motionless. 2. the water is not covered by clouds. (p.s. Realistic clouds are here: 3. If...

Re: Properly importing

For the lines in the shadows you may be able to tweak the shadow settings, specifically bias and jittering settings. These are available via CVars. tools/Environment Editor/variables/shadows/shadow jittering or console r_ShadowJittering or e_ShadowsMaxTexRes

Re: Generating metadata is not working

I managed to create .cryasset when I cut out materials and textures and just copied them back when the sandbox was turned on.


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Re: Generating metadata is not working

It also does not create for me, only if I re-save the material or texture. In conso;e: [CVARS]: [e_ParticlesObjectCollisions] is cheat protected; referenced in console variable group [sys_spec_particles] = [2] russian У меня тоже не создаёт, только если пересохраню материала или текстуру. В консоле ...

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