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Re: Proximity Triggers Debugging

The trigger entity should have an option stating whether it should trigger only for player or not. Aside from this, you would need to check which object triggered it. Possibly by entity name or id. That's what I use right now, adding a filter for each object that shouldn't fire the trigger, but it'...

Re: Wheel Rotation

That's exactly what I was afraid of. I was looking for a simple solution - like linking another entity to the vehicle/wheel 1 (which doesn't work).

Anyway, thanx for clearing up this for me.

An Example

The screenshot shows a setup where a trigger is placed (linked to) in front of a vehicle, very close but not touching it; the driver position is at least 1m away and completely inside the vehicle; when the vehicle starts moving, the trigger says that the driver entered inside it; in my opinion there...

Re: Subpipes

Thanx for looking into this; I'm attaching an archive with the requested files (sent you the real files, captions could be not very relevant); a few more explanations: basicly it's a fg based nav system for vehicles (also a WIP-so there're still alot of things not working as intended, mostly because...

Re: Proximity Triggers Debugging

Thank you Flare, I tried your solution but it still doesn't seem to work. Nevertheless, it would help me alot if you can clarify a few things about the way triggers do work, so here's my questions: - triggers activate when they intersect with another entity or when this entity is entirely inside the...


What does "too many subpipes" mean, and how can this thing be avoided ? I'm only moving a vehicle with fg between different AIPaths, and the framerate seems to drop periodically as this message is displayed.

Proximity Triggers Debugging

Is there any way to visualize the proximity triggers in game mode ? The problem is they sometimes activate the enter output and the object which triggers the signal doesn't intersect the trigger box and other times quite the opposite - do not activate when intersecting with an entity. I'm talking ab...

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