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Launcher Error ?

The launcher gives me this message no matter what project/editor version I'm trying to open: "Something went wrong when trying to open the project. Please try again, or check our Trobleshooting Guide. If the problem persists... etc"

So, what could this be ?

AI Driven Vehicle Max Speed

Any way to increase the maximum speed for an AI driven vehicle ? I tried to modify maxSpeed (line 470) in the xml file for the HMMWV but no success. By default it is set to 30 m/s, but this speed can be aquired only with the boost, and the AI cannot use the boost, so they move at a maximum of 20 m/s.

Re: controling Cga/anm by key

This could work very easy with the mobile part linked to the main vehicle and controlled with a move to node, unfortunately the parent-child link itself has serious problems. Nevertheless, it worth a try, it's a quick setup; also, try to avoid a simultaneous movement of the child and parent.


Re: Why proxy flashing in red

Then you'd better delete the proxy object and physicalize the submaterials used for the building (only the ones which you need to interact with - walls, floors,...). Keep in mind you cannot have a proxy and physicalized geometry on the same object. Also, you'll still need to split a large mesh if th...

Re: Why proxy flashing in red

It makes no sense to create a separate proxy if this is an exact copy of your main object - just apply materials/submaterials with physicalize checked-in; the purpose of the proxy is to reduce the collision calculations, so it has to be a simpler mesh than your main object.

Re: Victorian Room - Art Collab

Superb ! Only 2 small things if you want to further improve it: personally I'd like some flickering in the lights (I've seen the candles already have this feature, but it's not noticeable in the walk-through movie, and doing the same for the gas lights would add to the overall atmosphere); secondly,...

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