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Re: Murderous Winter

It looks nice, but isn't it another walk simulator? First currently there's no evidence the presented game is a walking simulator and second IMO a walking simulator is the last thing you should critic or dismiss, based on your reply to me on your own game thread, perhaps is your future if you can't...

Re: Divide by Zero

I think so too. Unfortunately I more artist than coder. And after unity, I can’t look at the code at all. That's why I took gamesdk as a basis. If I don’t find a programmer, I’ll have to simplify everything. Ideally, it should be something like a Stalker by gameplay.

Divide by Zero

0.jpg For many years I sat on unity. Tried to make a game. A disgusting engine and I hate it, but I was afraid to leave. I'm not afraid anymore. I decided to return to cryengine. I love it. My very first mod I made for the Far Cry. I move my assets to cryengine now, and this is what I did so far in...

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