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Flow Graph... what else?

Hello all, I have noticed how FG is powerful but the documentation is not detailed and unclear most of the time about the nodes behavior! Hope this would be improved by the time... My question: is there any other way to code instead of FG? I heard here and there Lua scripting but couldn't find any d...

Equipment Pack Editor


It seems that Equipment Pack Editor (for weapons) in CE 5.3 is under deprecated category !

Does anybody knows if there are any plans to replace it for next release 5.4 ? or...?

Thanks a lot


Sandbox crashes without saving!

Hello all, I was wondering if anybody tried to load Sandbox with lots of objects? if so have you noticed that the sandbox crashes and a message for sending an error report comes up... You get to lose all your work if not saved... which puzzled me a lot! how are you going to build any game upon this ...

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