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Hey OKUM!,
this shouldn't be too difficult, but the precise steps will depend on your project.

To begin with, download the new engine version via Launcher. That would be 5.6.5.
You can get a corresponding GameSDK if you need it as well.

Hunt: Showdown out now on PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox®

Crytek and Koch Media happily announce that the highly acclaimed online multi-player bounty hunting game Hunt: Showdown is now available physically and digitally for PlayStation®4 and physically for Microsoft Xbox®. About Hunt: Showdown Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person bounty hunting ga...

Re: New to this engine - when I try to paint any terrain using an image material, it doesn't tile!

Hey MiddleAgePeasant, I guess you've got an answer in Discord already :) But to reiterate, the texture and material slots in Terrain Editor play a different role: - the material slot is for the material and texture painted on Terrain and seen up close, the texture is adjusted via UV mapping slot of ...

Re: Missing textures when you change the name of the card.

Hi gedat, 1. The issue with decals: what sort of object is this? An entity? If it is a designer object, then it is by design. Designer tool is created in order to help the level designers to white-box prototype their levels. It is by no means a tool for full-scale 3d modelling and if you intend to u...

Re: Tank

Hey adrianduru, as mentioned before this question is most likely about a specific setup for animation. Therefore, if you wish to receive an answer quickly, we would recommend you join our Discord community and ask in Animation channel. Also, it would be great if you specify the version you are using...

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