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Stay home & keep developing

Flatten the curve, stay indoors, and make some games. Check out a range of free resources and advice for game development at home. Countries around the world are implementing procedures designed to limit the spread of COVID-19. At Crytek, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our employees a...

Re: 3D Max issue

Hi mastertech6,
I would suggest asking this question on our Discord.
However we also have a recent tutorial that looks at the workflow for exporting from 3ds Max which can be found at

Re: How to add weapons?

Hi Somogon, it would be best you provide more details to your question - as in what do you expect is to be done with the shoe, weapon - are they usable by player, npc etc.
I suggest you ask the question in detail on our Discord in Animation channel!

Never stop Achieving - CRYENGINE Showcase 2020: Games of the Decade

Teams of all sizes, all around the world, choose CRYENGINE to make their games. We celebrate ten years of their achievements in our latest video. Our CRYENGINE 2020 Showcase video demonstrates how the engine has evolved over the years, celebrates landmark releases from indie and AAA developers, and...

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