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Cryengine Launcher with Linux (via Phoenicis 5.0 alpha2 and proton)

Good news guys! CE Launcher is now working with the help of the wine-frontend Phoenicis PlayOnLinux 5.0alpha2 and proton 4.2. Installation, start and login is working. Downloading assets is working, although sometimes errors occur and the asset must be re-downloaded. CryEngine 5.5.2 download and ins...

unnessesary surfaces beneath terrain

when creating a new level and sliding below the terrain you see these little surfaces which should optimally not be there:
Sandbox Do_Mrz_22_2018_(11-12-55).png
Sandbox Do_Mrz_22_2018_(11-12-55).png (421.24 KiB) Viewed 1101 times
this is how it looks like with a slightly edited and textured terrain:
Sandbox Do_Mrz_22_2018_(11-22-08).png
Sandbox Do_Mrz_22_2018_(11-22-08).png (489.24 KiB) Viewed 1101 times
little flaw to fix fyi

Re: CRYENGINE Wishlist Community

Hello, I'd like to add a card: Cryptographic cheating protection by ASLR and/or AES for important game variables such as: position, movement and view direction data of the player, vehicles and bullets health, stamina, ammo, resources (money, etc), kills/deaths and score spawnpoints and -time of play...

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