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Re: Launcher & Roadmap update

I have two small wishes for this release: 1) a small improvement for FBX Importer. It doesn't want to be friends with the Touch Bending system. In my case the system works after importing vegetations, but branches return to their original pose in a flash without any stiffness. And during debugging t...

Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 PREVIEW Collective Build Feedback Thread

Title: Visual artifacts These problems are still open: 1. Soft depth test: 2. Decals (projection): 3. Decals (settings): It is strange that these problems were...

Deleting assets in Library

Hi everyone! I have a small problem in Launcher. I have repeating assets in My assets. It's my misstake, cause I added some assets several times. But what if I want to delete them or those that have lost their relevance for me, how can I do it? Or maybe this feature will be added in future? Thanks.

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